Cei de la Die Wilde Jagd ne-au facut un mixtape inaintea concertului de sambata 17 decembrie din Control.


György Ligeti – Requiem: II Kyrie
I recently watched Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Oddyssey again and remembered how amazing and unsettling this piece is.

Moondog – Invocation
I love it when song titles make sense. This piece really sounds like an invocation.

Rhys Chatham – Scrying in Smoke
Only recently discovered Rhys Chatham. Sounds like a very nice and relaxed jam (which it probably wasn’t). I particularly like the drum work.

The KVB – Lower Depths
Great guitar work, I like the feedback and the deadpan vocals from this Berlin based duo.

Schneider Kacirek – Talwerk
Nothing is ever pronounced, only hinted at. That’s a good thing.

In Aeternam Vale – Highway Dark Veins
Heard this in a club once. Don’t remember anything else about that night but I do remember hearing this track, which must mean I thought of it as pretty good at the time, and I still do.

Nico – König
The empress singing about the emperor. An all time favorite.

Ursula Bogner – Begleitung für Tuba
Some Pseudo Radiophonic Workshop channeling whackiness to round things up

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