Cosmin Bădulescu is an anti-social ‘socialist’, closeted conversationalist, and a clinical neurotic. You can find him at Madison Perfumery spreading good vibes and great scents.


Ce ai ascultat zilele astea?

Internet radio- too lazy to make a playlist these days.

Ce ai citit zilele astea?

News and a collection of short stories called Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson.

Ce ai văzut zilele astea?

The first 10 minutes of The Tribe many times over as I have a problem with falling asleep while watching movies lately.

Unde ți-ar plăcea să locuiești?

On a greek island.

Care este ocupația ta preferată?


Ce calități apreciezi la un bărbat?


Dar la o femeie?


Care sunt numele tale preferate?

Petru, Ileana, Zoe.

Câte persoane încap în liftul tău?

Only those who can’t read the ’take the stairs’ sign.

Care este motto-ul tău?

’…as long as it lasts’

Care este cea mai valoroasă posesie de-a ta?

My ability to not take myself or situations (interviews included) too seriously.

Ce regreți cel mai mult?


Care sunt eroii din viața ta?

My a-m-a-z-i-n-g friends.

În ce personaj istoric te regăsești cel mai mult?

None, but I recently saw a photo of a young Truman Capote that made me think ’OH’.

Dacă ai putea schimba ceva în jurul tău, ce anume ar fi?


Ce înseamnă pentru tine fericirea?

A switch that you choose to turn on or off.

Care este cea mai mare realizare a ta de până acum?

Being able to honestly answer ’nothing’ to your question about regrets.

Ce anume te caracterizează?

A burst of laughter in a tense situation.

Unde ești acum?

In my bed.

Ai vreun mentor sau cineva care să te fi inspirat de-a lungul timpului?

I don’t know if mentor is the proper word for it, but I have Stefan who is like a human moral compass and the person that always has simple answers to my complicated existential questions.


**Disclaimer: If you’re assuming that this interview was answered in english because I’m a pompous pretentious prick, you’re probably right!

Autor: Dragoș Rusu // The Attic Magazine

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