5 Questions For: Ioana Iorgu

by | Feb 27, 2024 | 5 Questions For, Blog

A polymath hailing from the eclectic streets of Groningen, The NetherlandsIoana Iorgu is a self-taught guitar, bass, and drums maestro. Her musical journey, originating from the stages of Malaysia, has traversed a space from school band performances to the architecture of her distinctive current soundscapes —immersive experiences that envelop listeners in an atmosphere where dissonance meets lyricism. Through primal instrumentation contrasted with a sometimes dissociative vocal tone, Iorgu crafts raw glimpses into the depths of the human psyche. On Thursday, February 29th, Ioana Iorgu will open the Bucharest debut of Dream Wife at Control Club.

Iorgu’s discography began with the 2015 instrumental release Silent Scream. It was further enriched by the shoegaze-infused EP, Fiction. However, her 2021 debut album, Thick Skin, marked Iorgu’s audacious foray into post-punk. Her follow-up, Mean Time (2022), alongside singles such as LiarPorto, and the just-released Lonely, anticipates an eagerly awaited 2024 album. 

But Ioana’s artistic prowess extends beyond her recordings, manifesting in live performances that are a spectacle of eerie visuals and aural intensity. With over 30 cities in The Netherlands and international stages graced by her presence, participation in the prestigious Popronde 2023, and steady rising indie hype, Ioana Iorgu is undeniably a talent to watch. What better reason to get to know the artist behind the music as we debut 5 Questions For with Ioana Iorgu.

Most unusual creative inspiration?

I sometimes dream I’m at a random concert, and then I hear a song/riff that I really like, but then I’m thinking: oh damn, I wish I wrote it. I then wake up confused, wondering if that song actually exists or not. It’s also a bit sad that I forget the riffs because I think, of course, I can use them, but I guess they still come out and unconsciously influence my writing process.

If you weren’t a musician, you would be…?

Being a musician is more of a professional hobby/side job, but I’m a qualified psychologist. I think I’d paint if I were not to make music.

Who would write/direct a movie about your life?

Sarah Paulson.

Your dream concert (any artist, living or dead)?

I wish I could see Savages. I’m still quite heartbroken that they no longer play shows and write new music. Hopefully, in the future! A dream concert to play myself is to headline the main hall in Paradiso, Amsterdam. The ambiance and architecture in the venue are truly paradise-like.

I create because…?

I create because there are so many things one can feel, and I want to capture them in instrumentals and lyrics. I aim to encapsulate all of these emotions in one place, something others could also relate to, understand, or even make a change. Or maybe it is something someone can’t understand or relate to. I rarely openly explain my songs online. It’s about what one makes out of them. 

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