5 Questions For: Kadjavsi

by | Mar 27, 2024 | 5 Questions For, Blog

Emerging from the ambient shadows into the bright lights of the alternative pop-rock stage, Kadjavsi, the brainchild of Nikita Dembinski, has swiftly evolved from a solo endeavor into a dynamic ensemble that is stirring the Bucharest music scene. Since its inception in 2017, Kadjavsi has been a melting pot of eclectic sounds, seamlessly blending ambient, electronic, and jazz influences under the banner of modern pop, with a distinct nod to the emotional intricacies of love, deceit, and youthful turbulence. On April 3rd, Kadjavsi represents Romania on the Europavox Festival stage at Control Club.

Nikita Dembinski, who has been dubbed “the heartbreaker from Bucharest,” serves not just as the band’s vocalist and songwriter but as the emotional core of their debut albumSecond Sun. This project is a heartfelt quest for understanding, channeled through the rich textures of Luca Calaras and Lucas Contreras’ guitars, Laura Benedek’s bass, Constantin Mușat’s violin, and Horia Stanciu’s drums. 

Influenced by the likes of James Blake and The Smile, yet deeply rooted in jazz—a genre Dembinski explores with the Romanian jazz trio Tajnic—Kadjavsi’s sound is a testament to innovation within the local music scene. From ambient beginnings to the evocative, new wave atmosphere of Second Sun, Kadjavsi showcases an ability to craft songs that resonate with tender moments, experimental sounds, and catchy hooks. Its lead single, Sidelines, is emblematic of Kadjavsi’s journey towards becoming a significant voice in modern pop. At the same time, a live version of the album, recorded at Control Club in 2023, captures the band’s compelling live presence. Before they again take to the Control Club stage, we grabbed Kadjavsi for our latest 5 Questions For…

What is your favourite thing about your home country?

The seaside, the mountains and the food!

If your band was a piece of visual art, who would be the artist behind it? 

Haha, what a good question. Although I might overdo it with this answer, maybe David Chase would be the artist.

What is your most unusual source of creativity?

I think creativity is bound to come from unusual places; it’s sort of a visceral thing. In my opinion, it can come from anywhere, but maybe the most unusual would be from chess?

What was your experience playing at Control Club before? Describe the vibe.

Nervous, definitely. It’s a famous stage that hosted a lot of amazing bands, so I think it’s safe to say we were nervous the first time. I used to dream of playing there when I was a teenager. Most of us played there with different projects, but when we played together, the vibes were nice. Of course, it’s like a blank canvas; you have to paint the room with the sounds! If you do that, it’s all very fun.

What does the Europavox stage mean to you?

It’s the band’s first international festival, so it’s a special moment. We are quite in awe with the line-up as well, and honoured to be amongst such talented bands. It means a lot getting the invitation to play!

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