5 Questions For: Sugar For the Pill

by | Mar 27, 2024 | 5 Questions For, Blog

In the heart of Greece’s musical renaissance, amidst the shadowy lanes of Athens, emerges Sugar for the Pill—a band that masterfully intertwines the raw essence of post-punk with the ethereal layers of shoegaze. Formed in March 2020, the ensemble quickly established itself with a sound that reverberates with the overdriven angst of guitars and the delicate, almost celestial cadence of vocals, presenting a modern homage to the iconic sounds of the ’90s. These sounds will take to the Europavox Festival stage as Sugar For the Pill plays at Control Club on April 4th.

Their music navigates through the complexities of youthful nostalgia and contemporary disconnection. Their sophisticated blend of musical genres not only pays tribute to the seminal bands, like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, that preceded them but also carved their own niche within the indie dream pop scene. Their debut album, Wanderlust, released in March 2022, manifests this unique sound.

The latest addition to their discography, the single Colours, released in May 2023, encapsulates the essence of being perennially young in a disconnected world. Through Vana Rose’s hauntingly beautiful lyrics, the band captures the spirit of an era defined by John Hughes’ cinematic universe while simultaneously appealing to the sensibilities of a generation brought up on Netflix’s Sex Education. Get to know the Greek band better as they answer the latest in our 5 Questions For… series.

What is your favourite thing about your home country?

Greece is a really inspiring place to live. Inspiration blossoms amidst the splendor of its historical treasures, where the echoes of poets and philosophers linger in the air. Whether wandering through the labyrinthine streets of Athens or gazing upon the sunset over the Santorini caldera, you can listen to the pulses of a beating heart.

If your band was a piece of visual art, who would be the artist behind it? 

Much like Lynch’s approach to filmmaking, our band would embrace the weird and the wonderful, embracing the darkness and the light in equal measure. Our band’s journey is a mesmerizing journey into the unknown, where every note and every live show is a piece of a larger, enigmatic puzzle waiting to be unravelled… We can’t wait to live our next music adventure!

What is your most unusual source of creativity?

A smile from a stranger can be an unexpectedly potent source of creativity. In the brief exchange of a smile, there’s a connection. It can offer a glimpse into a world beyond our own, sparking curiosity and empathy. It can evoke a sense of wonder, prompting us to see the world through fresh eyes and find beauty in the simplest things.

Have you been to Romania before? 

Our guitarist Elias has spent several wonderful years living in Romania, immersing himself in its vibrant culture and music scene. Now, for the first time ever, the rest of the band will join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey to Bucharest!

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