5 Questions For: Tasha Safari

by | Mar 15, 2024 | 5 Questions For, Blog

Tasha Safari, originally from Ganja, Azerbaijan, has built a career as a techno DJ and producer in Berlin, drawing on her background in a culture that blends Eastern and Western musical influences. From the traditional melodies of Azerbaijani folk music to the experimental edges of psychedelic rock and post-punk, her broad base of influences led to a style incorporating various techno subgenres. Safari’s sets are known for their rhythmic diversity and ability to engage audiences with a coherent electronic milieu. Witness yourself as Tasha Safari joins Julia Govor and Victoria at JETLAGGED at Control Club on Saturday, March 16th.

Currently, Tasha Safari is collaborating with Alessandro Adriani, co-founder of the respected Rome/Berlin imprint Mannequin Records. In their own words, the techno project seeks to explore new directions within the genre. Her upcoming project, the Bel Fort & Tasha Safari: Disorder EP, scheduled for release in 2024, also seeks to continue her exploration of techno’s possibilities. Ahead of her appearance at Control, here are our questions for Tasha Safari. And be sure to catch Alessandro Adriani x Tasha Safari live from the Black Rhino Radio Pop-Up Studio (Amzei 13) at 5pm.

Most unusual creative influence?

There have definitely been many artists, shows, and stories that have influenced me. However, the most crucial thing is this: there was a moment in my life when having lost a lot, I stopped seeing the meaning of my existence. There were many dark thoughts in my head. Delving into music and creativity literally saved me from a tragic mistake and helped me move forward. Now, I can’t imagine what would need to happen for me to stop being into music. 

Who would write/direct a movie about your life?

Hayao Miyazaki 100%

Favorite thing about your home country?

I like that people in Azerbaijan can be present not only in sad moments; they truly know how to share joy with you. And that’s very rare. That may be why, at weddings, all the guests dance non-stop. And also the mountains and the national cuisine, ofc 🙂

Your thoughts on the state of equal representation in techno?

I believe equality is always wonderful, but much still needs improvement. For example, the cancel culture machine sometimes spirals out of control.

Favorite thing about being a DJ? About the techno genre?

Energy. Or, more precisely, an exchange of energy. I always give a lot of energy during my sets but also receive a lot in return.

I appreciate how everyone at parties looks out for each other, from club employees and promoters to artists and partygoers. It all operates as a cohesive mechanism, transforming the party into a place without space for thoughts about problems.

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