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by | Feb 20, 2024 | Artist Profile, Blog

Arnaud Rebotini embodies the versatility and depth that have come to define the vast spectrum of French electronic music. Born in Nancy, his career is one marked with a consistent exploration across a musical spectrum, encompassing techno, French house, and house, from his early days in the death metal band Post Mortum (later becoming Swamp) to his pivotal role shaping the 2000s electroclash and electro house movements. On Friday, February 23, the French maestro of the avante-garde brings his electrifying sonic voyage to Bucharest as Cabinet brings Arnaud Rebotini and Khidja to Control Club.

His transition to electronic music was marked by the release of Organique(Artefact, 2000) under the alias Zend Avesta. This groundbreaking album melded everything from pop to jazz, using an eclectic mix of analog synthesizers, wind instruments, strings, and electric guitar, showcasing Rebotini’s early passion for synthesizer-based music.

The formation of Black Strobe (with Ivan Smagghe) in 1997 was a pivotal moment in Rebotini’s career, leading to the release of seminal albums Burn Your Own Church in 2007 and Godforsaken Roads in 2014. Produced by Paul Epworth, known for his work with Adele, Florence And The Machine, Block Party, and The Rapture, the albums marked another significant milestone in Rebotini’s career as they blended dark, throbbing beats with a rock sensibility. Highlighted by international tours, the Black Strobe project would be integral in establishing Rebotini as a pivotal figure in electroclash and electro-house. It would also establish himself as a go to remixer for the likes of David Guetta, Depeche Mode, and Rammstein.

Outside of Black Strobe, Rebotini’s exploration of electronic soundscapes extended into his solo ventures, Music Components (Citizen Records, 2008), its remix version, Music Components Rev2 (2009), and Someone Gave Me Religion (K7, 2011). These works further solidified his reputation as a master of analog synthesis. His dedication to the craft was recognized at the 6th edition of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in 2010, where he was honored with the “Artist Qwartz” award . 

Rebotini’s collaboration with the GRM (Groupe de Recherche Musicale) and Christian Zanési on the album Frontièresin 2016 marked another milestone, integrating analog synthesizers with acoustic sounds and concrete music. As did his 8-part quarantine produced series This is Quarantine (Inasound, 2020), which featured weekly released original productions, collaborations, and remixes from The Hacker, VTSS, Cardopusher, Kittin, Perel, Zombies in Miami, and more

In 2021, he released an EP titled New Territory on Veyl. This release is characterized by its infectious electro-body grooves and hypnotizing vocals, traversing fresh auditory landscapes while maintaining a common circuitry. The EP includes tracks that range from the anthemic lyrics of No More Love (No More Hate) to the haunting atmospheric mood of The Eastern Pale Christ.

However, Rebotini’s influence extends into the realm of film music. In 2023, he composed the soundtrack for L’Île Rouge, the latest film directed by frequent collaborator Robin Campillo. Rebotini’s work on L’Île Rouge is the latest addition to his acclaimed portfolio of film scores, including his César-winning score for 120 Battements Par Minute (120 BPM) and 2013’s Eastern Boys. His work has also appeared in films and promotional material by Dario Argento, Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, and Martin Scorsese.

As a live performer and DJ, Rebotini’s stage presence is as commanding as his music. Known for his impeccable tailoring, perfectly groomed mustache, and the build of a flanker, he cuts a striking, captivating figure. Surrounded by keyboards and analog machines, Rebotini delivers mind-blowing and immersive sets, crafting a pure, vintage kind of techno that sinuates slowly and hypnotically. 

Since the 90s, Arnaud Rebotini’s career has been marked by his transitions across genres and roles within the music, film, and advertising industries. From the gritty realms of death metal to the pioneering frontiers of electronic music and film scoring, Rebotini exemplifies the spirit of innovation at the heart of true artistry.

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