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by | Jan 25, 2024 | Artist Profile, Blog

Danny Daze, born Daniel Gomez, is a chain breaker whose narrative is as entrancing as the beats he crafts. His roots are deeply embedded in the vibrant culture of Miami, where the pulsating rhythms of its bass scene and the gritty textures of Detroit techno intertwine. These foundational influences were the bedrock upon which his love for the experimental Dutch electro and Detroit techno scenes of the ’90s would then be built. Iconic labels such as Schematic from his hometown, Interdimensional Transmissions from Detroit, and Viewlexx from The Hague were the framework for this burgeoning sound. It would be a sound that also drew inspiration from the folk melodies of Jose Gonzales to the industrial rhythms of Trent Reznor, and from the synthpop of Little Dragon to the dub-punk of Andrew Weatherall. Be sure to catch this unique artist in action as Danny Daze comes to Control Club on Friday, February 2.

Hailing from the rich B-boy culture of Miami, Gomez’s transformation into Danny Daze was an early evolution, suggested by his mother. With a DJ setup gifted by her, he honed his craft, spinning at weddings by age 14 and soon channeling his earnings into vinyl for raves. His esoteric sets magnetized adventurous crowds, while his relentless pursuit of musical excellence led him to produce his maiden tracks in 2004, further diversifying his repertoire with the establishment of a techno white label, Omniamm.

The 2011 breakthrough track on Hot Creations, Your Everything, catapulted Danny Daze onto the vanguard of the scene with its distinct, woozy, and dark tones. This seminal track would lead to releases on labels like Kompakt, Ellum, Ultramajic, Phantasy, Turbo, and Murk. His sound, described by Michael Mayer as “rough and muscular,” led to collaborations with luminaries such as Maceo Plex, Daniel Avery, Tiga, Jori Hulkkonen, Gui Boratto, and Jimmy Edgar. Among these are notable works like remixes for Murk’s Dark Beat (Addicted to Drums) and Gui Boratto’s Take Control,as well as several solo EPs – Silicon (Ultramajic),Flange (Ellum), El Cubano (Moustache Recordings), Speicher 91 (Kompakt), among them. The recent debut of his new alias D33 and the release of The Operator EP on Seth Troxler’s Slacker 85 label would further layer his creative narrative.

Daze’s influence further shapes the electronic industry’s landscape by nurturing talent through his labels, Omniamm and Omnidisc. At the core of Daze’s ethos is a risk-taking, punk attitude. This attitude allows his labels to shun chart-toppers allure, instead cherishing a catalog of memorable, raw, and authentically imperfect tracks. Artists contributing to the label range from Black Merlin to Roe Deers, David Vunk to Anthony Rother, DJ Tennis, Chinaski, and more.

November 2023 saw the long-awaited release of his debut album ::BLUE::, a 90-minute magnum opus that merges immersive listening with intelligent sound design and visual storytelling. A blend of 19 tracks mastered in regular stereo and Dolby Atmos and designed for a planetarium live show, the album’s complete experience transcends the traditional confines of music and performance. But at its core, ::BLUE:: is ultimately Daze’s heartfelt homage to his roots, a labor of love, a meticulous blend of his rhythms and experiences. It’s a narrative woven with the threads of Daze’s life, triumphs, and trials, especially poignant given his battle with Bradycardia, a severe heart condition. Every beat in his music is a testament to his resilience, a rhythm that resonates with his life force pulsating at a mere 35 beats per minute

As ::BLUE:: continues to grace the ears of the world, Danny Daze stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of an artist who refuses to be defined by the chains of conventionality. His journey is an experience, an odyssey of sound and soul, resonating with the beat of a heart that knows no bounds. On February 2, make sure you don’t miss Danny Daze’s unpredictable sonic journey, a space where the expected is absent, and the surprise is the norm. 

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