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by | Oct 4, 2023 | Artist Profile, Blog

Juliet Fox’s appearance alongside DJ Hell at the 15th-anniversary celebration of Control Club on October 6 serves as a reminder that it’s impossible to overlook her ambitious journey—a blend of personal, cultural, and sonic evolution. Originating from the culturally diverse yet somewhat isolated landscapes of Adelaide, Australia, Fox was gripped early on by the revolutionary tones of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Fast-forward to today, and she’s an emblematic figure in the Techno world, an artist whose narrative mirrors the genre’s complex odyssey from subcultural enclaves to international prominence.

In Adelaide, her teenage years were imprinted by the raw, jacking beats of TraxDance Mania, and Cajual, iconic labels that laid the groundwork for House and Techno. However, London marked a pivotal chapter in Fox’s life. Upon her arrival in the bustling metropolis, her career saw an almost immediate rise. She established her own record label, Attraction Music, and became a distinctive voice on with her own show. Her influence spread through the city’s electronic music venues like wildfire, earning her residencies at renowned clubs such as Fire and The Egg. During this time, her track Was Beautiful (Drumcode, 2019) garnered significant attention, sealing its place as the closing act for Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Festival, a ringing endorsement of her abilities as a producer and in-control DJ.

 Fox’s journey from Adelaide to London, and her stints in Berlin and Ibiza, represents a kaleidoscope of cultural influences. These shifts are not merely geographical career advancements but ideologically rich migrations. Her evolving locations offer a meta-narrative that embodies the diasporic essence of Techno itself—rooted in American subculture but globally realized, absorbing and reflecting diverse political and social realities along its journey.

What sets Juliet Fox apart is the depth of her artistic methodology. Her production approach transcends convention by layering hallucinatory vocals into her Techno and Tech-House tracks, creating an almost hypnotic blend of sound that’s uniquely recognizable as her own. This has led to high-profile collaborations with revered figures of the scene, including Green Velvet, Ramiro Lopez, and Sonny Fodera, and secured her spots on renowned labels like Toolroom and Love & Other.

Her multidisciplinary artistry is also exemplified by her latest venture, TREGAMBE. The label is an artistic vessel with strength, integrity, and authenticity as its anchor points. The term TREGAMBE itself, meaning “three legs” in English, is a heartfelt nod to her Italian heritage. An accomplished painter, Fox fuses her visual art talents into the label by personally designing the cover artwork for each release. Initially focused on promoting her own musical endeavors, TREGAMBE has since welcomed other like-minded artists like Michel Klein into its creative fold.

At present, Juliet Fox commands a formidable discography that has evolved from House-leaning to Techno-inspired. This creative output features releases on elite labels like Drumcode (a global brand that also sees Fox as a staple of its club and festival lineups), Filth on Acid, and Kraftek. Her DJ sets strike a masterful balance between the old-school spirit of Techno and contemporary innovation, making her a sought-after acts worldwide. Clubs like Rotterdam’s Toffler, New York’s Gray Area, London’s E1, and festivals like DGTL, Sonus, We Are FSTVL and Electric Zoo have all been graced by the motivated presence of Juliet Fox.

Juliet Fox is far more than a mere participant in the rhizomatic world of Techno; she is a transformative force. As she steps up for her imminent set at Control Club in Bucharest, one thing is clear: Juliet Fox’s evolving narrative is a testament to an unceasing quest for artistic fusion, reinforcing her as one of Techno’s most compelling and nuanced artists.

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