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by | Nov 3, 2023 | Artist Profile, Blog

A study in contrasts—Silent Servant is a techno-savant who has chiseled his niche into the bedrock of the LA underground scene, an artist whose musical tapestry is woven with threads of nostalgia and innovation. He is known for his dark, atmospheric sound, which blends elements of post-punk, industrial, and noise music. Mendez is also integral to the influential techno labels DownwardsSandwell District, and Jealous God. On Saturday, November 4, Silent Servant returns to Bucharest as Control Club celebrates 15 years of another of his seminal label relationships, Mannequin Records.

Mendez’s youth, soaked in the dimly lit thrall of Los Angeles warehouse techno parties intertwined with the raw energy of DIY noise rock, carved a niche in his artistic consciousness. It ultimately characterized his music with dark, atmospheric sound and use of post-punk influences, often using samples from post-punk bands such as Joy Division and New Order. Mendez’s music is notable for its complex and intricate arrangements. He often uses multiple layers of synths, drum machines, and effects to create lush soundscapes. The result is music that is often challenging and demanding but also deeply rewarding.

Mendez’s roots run deep in the fertile ground of LA’s electronic milieu. He has been instrumental in cultivating the city’s distinct sonic identity—a departure from the sanitized beats of mainstream EDM that permeate the SoCal electronic sound. Rich with the hues of The Cure’s gothic lyricism, the textured synths of DAF and Tangerine Dream, and an authentic glamor born from LA underground rather than its star-studded hills. 

By the mid-2000s, Silent Servant began to articulate a vision that was at once reflective of techno’s past glories and ambitious in its futuristic thrust. Singles and EPs like The Silent MorningThe Blood of Our King, and Violencia bear the early imprints of his aural identity, channeling the gravitas of gothic minimalism into pulsating techno. This period also saw him co-founding Tropic of Cancer, an act that reimagined the sullen aesthetics of the late 1970s’ new wave and industrial soundscapes.

The release of the groundbreaking 2012 LP Negative Fascination (Hospital Productions, 2012) is a prime example of his impact on the city’s techno narrative. Tracks like The Invocation Of LustTemptation & Desire, and Utopian Disaster reveal a landscape of industrial timbres and gothic undertones, resulting in critical and commercial success, as well as his establishment as one of the most important new voices in techno. He has since released a number of acclaimed albums and EPs, including Hypnosis in the Modern Age (2016), Shadows of Death and Desire (2019), and Crashed Communion (2023).

Mendez’s first significant splash in the scene came with the establishment of Sandwell District, a collective formed alongside Karl O’Connor (Regis), Dave Sumner (Function), and Peter Sutton (Female), that doubled as a label and a creative collective. Serving as its art director and a primary contributor, Mendez helped to cultivate a sound that would leave a lasting imprint on techno. His first releases under the Silent Servant moniker pulled from the experimental techno he produced earlier while infusing industrial influences similar to those championed by O’Connor’s Downwards label. The label quickly gained a reputation for its dark, atmospheric sound and its releases from some of the most essential artists in the techno scene, including Vatican Shadow, Vril, and Luke Slater. Their seminal output, Feed-Forward (2010), is a beacon of the genre’s experimental potential, dismantling and reassembling techno conventions. 

Following the disbanding of Sandwell District at the end of 2011, in 2013, he co-founded Jealous God, a label that allowed him to explore a more experimental and industrial-influenced direction. Releases from the label showcased Silent Servant’s continued evolution, with material from a spectrum of artists, including Phase Fatale, Setaoc Mass, and blawan, that broadened the label’s—and Mendez’s—musical narratives. 

These narratives also extend outwards with collaborations with Marcell Dettmann, Lucy, and Broken English Club and release on the likes of L.I.E.SBITETresor, and Ostgut Ton. His long-running Optimistic Decay radio show on NTS also serves as a testament to his ability to meld genres into a cohesive auditory journey. Here, LFO, Model 500, and Throbbing Gristle coalesce, unified by Mendez’s curatorial mastery.

Even as Silent Servant’s reputation as a brutally honest producer, curator, and artist precedes him, it is the live realm where his alchemy comes to life. In performances devoid of frivolous embellishments, he reconfigures the collective experience of electronic music. He is known for his intense and atmospheric live sets, often in dark and industrial settings. He has performed at some of the most prestigious techno festivals and clubs in the world, including Berghain, Dekmantel, Unsound, and Fabric.

Juan Mendez’s Silent Servant persona is not merely a moniker but a manifesto—a declaration of sound’s power to mold, challenge, and transcend. His music is a narrative of constant evolution, a testament to the purity of artistic vision in the cacophony of the modern world. Through his rigorous discipline and relentless quest for the essence of sound, Silent Servant stands not only at the vanguard of contemporary techno but also as a beacon of its future.

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