amen w/ Aparte, Tugay, Herne

amen w/ Aparte, Tugay, Herne

amen promises a fresh and nuanced perspective on techno, and we are eagerly anticipating this journey.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including techno, breakbeat, Detroit house and acid, Aparte operates in a variety of musical directions.

Tugay, the enigmatic virtuoso, navigates the intricate tapestry of electronic music, R&B, and techno, conjuring transcendental auditory experiences with his alchemical compositions and beguiling DJ sets, where every note and beat becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of the soul. His sonic journeys unfurl like opulent tapestries of emotion, enthralling listeners and delving into the labyrinthine depths of human existence.

A curator of diverse sounds, Herne has been part of music labels, club nights, and festivals, leaving a subtle, unassuming impact on the local music scene.