CABINET pres. Rødhåd, Supersanity, Walentin Pauer

CABINET pres. Rødhåd, Supersanity, Walentin Pauer

Rødhåd (WSNWG)

Rødhåd has been socialized by Berlin’s looptechno nights and always finds the perfect balance of timeless techno to lift the dancefloor higher and higher. His style is always deep, powerful and melancholic – from dub to techno and back to house.

Now an established force in contemporary Techno, Mike Bierbach, better known under his stage name Rødhåd is someone who has seriously put in the work. Having cut his teeth Djing as a relatively unnoted (but well loved by those in the know) local in Berlin for 10 years, one could argue that by the time success knocked on his door, he was more than ready for playing the international stage. It was during these 10 years of obscurity when he refined his craft to become the singular DJ he is now. Launching his party-series-turned-label Dystopian in 2009 was what truly tipped the ball over for Rødhåd. In a time where the Berlin scene was heavily oversaturated by fluffy, miscellaneous dance music, he & his peers set out to form a platform for real techno. The reception to this was raucous.

Although he has lauded productions and remixes to his name, DJing is his true forte. Before abandoning his day job as a draftsman in construction “The Red” (as some call him due to his gingered, bearded appearance) was known for playing very long sets in Berlin’s most notorious hideaways. With an album, several EPs & remixes for a multitude of different artists under his belt, Rødhåd the producer has received equal praise as Rødhåd the DJ. Dystopian has hosted most of his releases, but in 2018 he founded a new label WSNWG that serves as a home for collaborative productions, excavated in sessions at his East-Berlin studio with his peers such as Rene Wise, Lucy, Lady Starlight, Fadi Mohem, Alex.Do, & Antigone.

Supersanity (Ada Kaleh/R&S Records)

Ada Kaleh is a musician and composer based in Bucharest, Romania and currently releasing forward thinking aesthetics on legendary labels R&S Records and its ambient division Apollo Records, widely considered as the labels responsible for bringing Techno to Europe. He’s been releasing music for over 20 years under various aliases, but his current focus is on the Ada Kaleh alias, and the more recent persona, Supersanity. His music combines hypnotic rhythms with rich, naturally evolving sounds that invite the listener into a parallel world. Appropriately enough his releases are often inspired by literal and metaphorical trips and mystic experiences.

Questioning the linear nature of time, each composition guides the listener though whirling soundscapes, DMT realms and time loops, creating an aural safe space in which to explore. Propelled by a passion for 60’s & 70’s spiritual jazz, afro-beats and other psychedelic inducing textures, Ada Kaleh describes his recent musical endeavours as Quantum Techno.

His impact on the underground Romanian and international scene has been significant, inspiring young producers and showcasing a mature, complex and musical style. In his quest to explore eclectic musical alleyways, his latest project on R&S Records features vocals by none other than the inventor of Afro-Beats and one of Africa’s most esteemed musicians, Fela Kuti, and a saxophone performance by Eric Leeds of Prince fame.

Walentin Pauer (Nein Records)

Driven by an aesthetic affinity for the “noir” side of music, Walentin Pauer combines a deep love for 80s-inspired sounds with a passion for psychedelic music. Known for reckless experimentation in production and commanding all-nighters at his Control residency, Pauer manifests dilettantism with a touch of self-discipline under various aliases.