Ben Sims

Cabinet w/ Ben Sims, Supersanity, Walentin Pauer

Cabinet w/ Ben Sims, Supersanity, Walentin Pauer

Ben Sims is one of techno’s most exciting talents – a DJ who has stayed true to the genre’s funk, groove and electronic fused origins whilst continuing to embrace and nurture its development over the past 25 odd years.

Schooled on a diet of Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, House and Rave in the 80’s, he played a huge part in defining British dance music in the 90s and continues to be an ardent champion of new music, producers and DJs via his many nights, record labels, radio shows, podcasts and relentless touring endeavours. As a DJ, Sims commands your attention, both visually and musically with anything from 3 to 5 decks running near constantly and hands, faders, effects and EQs a blur as tunes overlap to create a dense and quickly evolving collage of sound. Whether playing to 50, 500 or 5000 this unbridled energy and commitment to the art of mixing never falters and shows why Sims is regarded as one of the true masters on the circuit, both a DJ’s DJ and a straight up party rocker in equal measures.

In the studio, Sims has notched up over 50 original productions as well as countless remixes and edits in the past two decades. Embraced by techno’s originators and Detroit ambassadors he’s been, uniquely for a UK artist, called upon by Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Kevin Saunderson for remixes as well as contributing to the majority of influential European labels from Mote Evolver to Drumcode to Cosmic to Token via Tresor, CLR and his own (now completed) Theory imprint.

Supersanity (Ada Kaleh)

Ada Kaleh is a musician and composer based in Bucharest, Romania and currently releasing forward thinking aesthetics on legendary labels R&S Records and its ambient division Apollo Records, widely considered as the labels responsible for bringing Techno to Europe. He’s been releasing music for over 20 years under various aliases, but his current focus is on the Ada Kaleh alias, and the more recent persona, Supersanity. His music combines hypnotic rhythms with rich, naturally evolving sounds that invite the listener into a parallel world. Appropriately enough his releases are often inspired by literal and metaphorical trips and mystic experiences.

Questioning the linear nature of time, each composition guides the listener though whirling soundscapes, DMT realms and time loops, creating an aural safe space in which to explore. Propelled by a passion for 60’s & 70’s spiritual jazz, afro-beats and other psychedelic inducing textures, Ada Kaleh describes his recent musical endeavours as Quantum Techno.

His impact on the underground Romanian and international scene has been significant, inspiring young producers and showcasing a mature, complex and musical style. In his quest to explore eclectic musical alleyways, his latest project on R&S Records features vocals by none other than the inventor of Afro-Beats and one of Africa’s most esteemed musicians, Fela Kuti, and a saxophone performance by Eric Leeds of Prince fame.

Walentin Pauer

In between layers of darkness reaching the surface there’s some light that stands out. Eventually, it will fade away as every speck of light does in the universe, but for now, it is not the case. Never say never as the saying goes.

Known for reckless experimentation in production and recognisable attitude at his Control Club residency, Walentin Pauer’s dilettantism transformed into a work ethic which propelled him to the point of reading the room without compromises.

A wide array of musical taste helped establish a unique sound of his own throughout the years aswell as providing stability on the dancefloor, a must-have quality for every rare breed resident DJ out there, especially during endurance trip style all nighters.