DrumAndBass.ro pres. Brusten, Ellen, Freqax b2b Freqkid

DrumAndBass.ro pres. Brusten, Ellen, Freqax b2b Freqkid

Brusten has been producing and promoting drum&bass for quite some time and is already one of the veterans of the Romanian scene. For the last couple years he is focusing on the Bucharest pressure concept (both events and radio show) to move things forward. Brusten released music on labels such as, Delta0 Recordings, Context Audio, Counterpoint, Modular Carnage, Syndrome Audio, Fragmented audio, Kinetik and Monochrome Recordings.

Ellen’s passion for drum & bass began in 2012, attending parties in Bucharest. By 2015, she took over DrumAndBass.ro, which was transitioning from the famous forum started in 2002 into a promoter platform. Until now, Ellen has led the team, leaving their mark on the Romanian drum & bass scene at festivals like Outlook, Dimensions, Let It Roll, and Electric Castle, and organized memorable parties nationwide.

After years in the drum & bass world, Ellen’s passion for mixing emerged. In 2021, she mixed live for the first time at Black Rhino Radio, invited by Brusten for Bucharest Pressure, and debuted on stage at Expirat shortly after. Since then, the stage has become her favorite place, with drum & bass and jungle holding a special spot in her heart. Combining her curated playlists and industry knowledge, Ellen launched the Odyssey Sessions project with Joule in the summer of 2022. Odyssey Sessions aims to promote the deep side of drum & bass, jungle, and breaks, striving to change perceptions and showcase the complexity of these music styles.

Freqax (aka Freqkid) is the indelible moniker that houses the searing frequencies of Romanian producer Adrian Andrei, a sonic creator enriched with a wide array of inspirations that have emerged in transcendently heavy forms through his many productions.

The roots of his musical interests grew from authentic rave foundations through a love of The Prodigy’s music in ’94, exposure to which stimulated an interest in the production process and a fascination with the feelings that electronic music elicited. Freqax has released tracks with collaborations from fellow leading producers in drum & bass, including Counterstrike, Katharsys and Sinister Souls, Brusten, as well as remixing Agressor Bunx, Anatomix, Brainpan and many more.