Groove si Portocale

Groove și Portocale

Groove și Portocale

The Apricots (Alexandra & Dj Slim Fit)

The Apricots is an electronic music project of Alexandra and DJ Slim Fit, the married couple of artists based in Bucharest, Romania. They play music back2back, surfing through styles with a dauntless approach and an energetic curiosity. Although it’s a fresh enterprise, The Apricots already spun records at Fusion Festival (DE), Waha Festival (RO), Club de Visionaere and Hoppetosse Berlin, Contactweg Amsterdam, London, Egypt and Platforma Wolff Bucharest.

They also produce music together, touching very different areas from downtempo and experimental electronic music to house, breaks and electro.

Enakito Hakamui (Boggy)

Experienced DJ of Zebra Rec who performed alongside artists like: Charlie, Ada Kaleh, Pandilla LTD, Soundopamine. His productions started to be performed by several artists on the Romanian electronic scene.


Doing b2b with Groove și Portocale for more than 7 years, Marinov is one of the pioneers of our community, being with us since our early beginnings. Curiosity comes in many forms and Marinov managed to make it into a full time passion, in many music related fields. Only after going through music in almost all forms, the decision was made regarding the one that will go further in this journey: vinyl. Still, the curiosity remains and fuels the creative process further. Sounds, beats and rhythms’ are masterfully put together, complementing each mood, heartbeat and life moment.

visuals by Noetic