Jakuzi (TR)

Jakuzi (TR)

Jakuzi turned heads in 2017 with the release of their debut album “Fantezi Müzik” which showcased their modern Turkish underground music to the world. This record saw the duo go against what you would stereotypically expect from a male-fronted band out of Istanbul – Turkish music is not necessarily known for being a genre where men are introspective – but Jakuzi’s gothic sensibility addressed the personal psychological issues they were facing.

When they originally released their debut on cassette in 2016, no one expected it to leave their circle, especially not the band themselves, but the record was re-released with new tracks in early 2017 via City Slang Records and immediately gained more attention than anyone anticipated. All of this seemed to happen overnight, with praise from international outlets like The Quietus & The Guardian and the band also got to play sold-out shows with their musical idol John Maus.

Arriving two years after their debut, “Hata Payı” (literally translated as “margin of error”) delves deeper and explores further all the feelings that were touched upon in their debut – what it’s like to be a young adult growing up in Istanbul, having success and then having to live up to expectations, being an artist in a country that doesn’t necessarily support your work, managing personal relationships and also addressing mental health. Vocalist Kutay Soyocak croons and purrs his heart out on “Hata Payı”, which blends elements of low-fi, new wave, krautrock, and post punk.

The band is currently working on their third studio album.

“Turkish synthpop trailblazers”The Guardian

“Forged in Istanbul, the band is clearly very adept at mixing pop accessibility with just enough weirdness to make things interesting”Loud And Quiet