Daniel Avery

Jetlagged w/ Daniel Avery, Andrew Red Hand, Walentin Pauer

Jetlagged w/ Daniel Avery, Andrew Red Hand, Walentin Pauer

Escape the constraints of standard time zones on Feb 17th with JETLAGGED, poised to revolutionize your sonic clock. The maestro Daniel Avery, in tandem with Andrew Red Hand and Walentin Pauer, invites you to a night of sonic reinvention.

Daniel Avery

Esteemed British producer and DJ, Daniel Avery has carved a sonic path that defies conventional boundaries. With a musical repertoire spanning abstract techno, house, IDM, and shoegaze, Avery’s versatility is equally at home in the club scene as it is in intimate home listening experiences. Initially known as Stopmakingme, he gained recognition for indie dance tracks and remixes in 2009 before transitioning to his birth name in 2012. His breakout moment came with the release of the expansive debut album “Drone Logic” in 2013, setting the stage for a dynamic career marked by a blend of atmospheric soundscapes and pulsating beats.

Avery’s journey continued with the cerebral “Song for Alpha” in 2018, followed by a series of prolific releases, including the collaborative effort “Illusion of Time” with Alessandro Cortini in 2020 and solo ventures like “Love + Light” later that year. In 2022, he unveiled his fifth album, “Ultra Truth,” a fiery exploration that transcends the realms of distorted fever dreams and pulsating rhythms. With a collaborative touch from Ghost Culture, Manni Dee, and a lineup of talented vocalists, Avery’s musical evolution reflects a deliberate departure from misty-eyed euphoria, presenting an intentionally heavy and dense sonic landscape. Daniel Avery’s innovative approach to electronic music continues to push boundaries, offering listeners a burning sense of hope in the transformative power of sound.

Andrew Red Hand

Dubbed by Igloo Magazine as the “Romanian Detroit electro/techno pioneer” and by the late Aaron Carl as “the Romanian Underground Resistance himself”, Andrew Red Hand from Romania’s spiritual capital of Iași stands up as an unwavering militant of the underground.

From his early gigs throwing parties as one of the first generation DJs in Iași since 1997, Andrew Red Hand continues to break boundaries as part of the Romanian resistance scene and numerous time portals as they open around Europe. His blistering, mind-bending sets such as at Berlin’s Tresor, Griessmuehle or Krake Festival see the DJ with the red hand fuse the pure electro sound with techno, acid, EBM, industrial, classics and futuristic beats. His mixes for Radio UR (Underground Resistance), The Grid (Detroit Techno Militia), Groove Magazin or Trax Magazine remain some of the best frequency transmissions to surface to air.

Armed with a Soviet Union reel to reel Majak 203, his scorching raw analogue and searing acid electro or techno productions have been picked up by foundational Detroit labels such as Twilight 76, Matrix, Detroit Underground, Databass, Detroit Techno Militia, Cratesavers Intl, Visillusion as well as around the world from Holland’s iconic M>O>S Recordings to Lobster Theremin, Chiwax, 1Ø Pills Mate, Bass Agenda, Land Of Dance and more.

ARH’s music has been picked up by various media outlets including DJ Mag, Mixmag, Groove Magazine, Trax, Inverted Audio, The Ransom Note.

Walentin Pauer

Aesthetic sense drawn to the “noir” side of music, never-ending love for 80s-inspired sounds and psychedelic music. Reckless experimentation in production and all-nighters for his Control residency came instinctively under various aliases manifesting dilettantism forged with self-discipline.