Jetlagged w/ Levant Disco & Mehmet Aslan

Jetlagged w/ Levant Disco & Mehmet Aslan

Lock in May 18th for the next JETLAGGED experience, featuring the Levant Disco crew and Mehmet Aslan. It’s where the city’s pulse meets the beat of the underground – a jetlag you won’t want to recover from.

“Abacilar“, the Caribbean Spanish slang “to go for a dance”. Abacilar is a producer, audio engineer and DJ based in Berlin. His productions are based on digital models, yet inspired by an organic touch. He is motivated to create an energetic atmosphere to deliver distinctive grooves, hypnotic leads and powerful bass lines. He thrives on taking the dance floor on a sonic journey where nothing exists but the epic resonances that take effect. His music taste and connections are deeply molded and influenced by the vibrant nightlife of Istanbul. He has been an avid dancer ever since he could simply walk. His musical journey through the Americas left him further enchanted with the connectivity of music, consequently he began to experiment with his own productions and organize festivals in exotic places along his journey. His travels eventually led him to Berlin where he began to organize underground raves in abandoned spaces and produce music that takes one on a journey to travel to distinct atmospheres. Abacilar is now in the process of releasing music which he has been working on in the past years and founding a label with a vision inspired to bring a fresh new palate to the ears.

Emin Gök is a musician, artist and psychologist who aims to redefine and reintroduce tradition through mostly but not exclusively, sound. He executes that by intentionally carrying or canceling cultural elements which play on our perception and values, eventually adding to his experimental soundscape and post-genre attitude. His work has been described as carrying a kind of raw sensuality and a primitive, intuitive movement while at the same time being reflective and critical of its identity; which points to a more intellectual music. Balancing these two poles with an endless musical variability, uncontrolled expression and an avant-garde attitude, his latest album Silentio exemplifies his artistic stand.

Imagined by Alptug Chavez, talking rocks aim to create soundscapes where ancient tales meet future machines. He carries his guitar player and vocal performer background to the studio and live performances and is fascinated by using frequencies as a tool for communication. He released his first EP “misfit mantra” under the Kanto Records label, and is currently working on a LP. His music can be described as a fusion of Anatolian Psychedelia music mixed with electronic structures and dance beats.

In a world of crate diggers, willfully eclectic selectors and micro-scene experts, few artists maintain the curiosity, bulletproof taste and unique identity of Mehmet Aslan. Born to Turkish immigrant parents and raised in Basel, Switzerland, a childhood absorbing Turkish music was only the beginning of an esoteric trip down a rabbit hole of fascinating, often unusual music, enrapturing dancefloors with his own record collection alongside his own, equally varied productions.

Aslan continues to impress as a DJ, making multiple appearances at renowned festivals and venues. 2018 saw his debut on Jennifer Cardini’s much-loved Dischi Autonno imprint and a new 12″ on the Fleeting Wax label he co-founded with Alma Negra’s Miajaca. These were soon followed by a further appearance on Highlife and two EPs with Basel’s Planisphere Editorial, with whom Aslan will release his much-awaited debut album in late 2022. Whether in the confines of the booth, keeping the most open-minded dancefloor on their toes or establishing his own contribution to the musical landscape, Aslan continues to draw disparate lines between genres, eras and sounds, sewing a distinct musical tapestry that’s all his own, yet all yours to get lost in.