Midnight Society

Midnight Society w/ Olsvangèr & GAAP

Midnight Society w/ Olsvangèr & GAAP

This June 21, Berlin Room becomes your portal to a night of unrestrained musical magic as Midnight Society presents Olsvangèr and GAAP.

Olsvangèr’s distinctiveness in the electronic music landscape stems from his ability to merge intensity with eclecticism, breaking conventions and crafting euphoric dancefloor experiences. His sets are unpredictable and dynamic, characterized by a seamless flow and an unyielding energy that captivates and intrigues listeners. For him, the real magic on a dancefloor happens when the boundaries are broken, when a unique sonic hybridization slips into the ears at the right moment and shatters the familiar and the known, inspiring the listener to produce, re-think, and explore more.

A classical musician turned electronic music maestro, Olsvangèr’s journey began in his teenage years when the pulsating beats of his first club experience permanently altered his musical trajectory. His extensive background and innate curiosity have led him to develop a unique voice based on his love for Oldskool House and Techno infused with the experimental, cinematic, rough, live, punkish, trippy, and sometimes even gospel-like approach.

Between 2019 and 2024, Olsvangèr released music on notable labels including two records on the institutional Kalahari Oyster Cult, a remix for D.Tiffany & Roza Terenzi on Roza’s Step Ball Chain, a remix on Sally C’s Big Saldo’s Chunkers, and on the legendary 90’s label Hooj Choons, EP on Leipzig’s R.A.N.D Muzik, and of course his own Tofistock.

Olsvangèr’s music defies categorization, sitting at the crossroads of multiple genres. His Hi-NRG sound is infused with a blend of eclectic influences and an unconventional vision, resulting in a fresh and familiar sound. Whether as a DJ or producer, Olsvangèr’s work is characterized by its originality, cinematic quality, and ability to transcend traditional electronic music boundaries. With attention to driven flow and euphoric dancefloor creations, His original and adaptive repertoire builds unpredictable and dynamic sets.

GAAP is a dynamic duo of electronic music DJs and producers from Bucharest, Romania. These two talented artists are passionate about their craft, constantly digging for special sounds that will make their sets unique. Their focus is on dub-house, Detroit techno, and deep-house, with an emphasis on groovy rhythms, deep basslines, lush synths, and dreamy pads.