Techno Diatom

Techno Diatom’s 4 Year Anniversary

Techno Diatom’s 4 Year Anniversary

Techno Diatom is here to offer you experience and experiences.

At our events, we have a selective door policy to ensure the atmosphere in the venue is in alignment with our vision. We understand this could cause offence for some, but we ask you to respect the decisions made by our team in charge of admissions. Thank you for understanding!

In 4 years, a multitude of like minded people took part and formed connections and long lasting friendships.

For this edition’s line-up, we bring you DJs who presently have or have had a significant contribution to Techno Diatom, ever since day one.

Michael Ius – founder of the “Techno Diatom” concept, noticed in 2019 that no local promoter would approach any other sub-genre of techno, apart from the Ro-minimal and Tech House sphere. He dedicated all his energy to bring to the larger public more varied facets of techno, as large as possible without being inappropriate.

Thomas Rob – he was close to us since the beginning and had a considerable contribution spreading this concept, at that time being one of the few DJs in Romania showcasing such a style. 4 years ago, in the incipient phase of Techno Diatom, the romanian scene was completely lacking of versatile DJs suited for our concept.

Ketch – Radu, of romanian origin but living abroad for many years. Ketch is a DJ, producer and label owner promoting and influencing the techno sound all over Europe, his productions being refined, profound and texturised, a no-nonsense techno supported by all relevant entities in the underground scene. Albeit unknown in the romanian scene, we want to change this aspect through Techno Diatom.

Supersanity – internationally known under the Ada Kaleh moniker, is a fresh presence in the Diatom concept. Common passion for the elegant and hypnotic side of techno and a similar vision when it comes to creating the context for a diverse, healthy and functional techno scene in Romania, have all lead to a spontaneous, and at the same natural connection with Techno Diatom.

Alex Ivancuta – initiator of the techno movement in Sibiu through “RushRave”, is a suited addition to the Diatom universe with his energetic, hard, uptempo and hypnotic sound; stripping down the trance influenced melodic lines, he brings a stable and driving techno sound that will surely make your hands and heads spin.


Thomas Rob 22:00 – 01:00

Michael Ius x Supersanity 01:00 – 03:00

KETCH 03:00 – 05:00

Alex Ivancuta 05:00 – 07:00