Zimmerman (BE)

Zimmerman (BE)

Belgian dream pop-rock act Zimmerman, the new musical endeavour by Balthazar bassist Simon Casier, will perform in Bucharest this fall – October 25 at Control Club.

Making the most romantic record of the twenty-first century – that was the plan that Belgian singer-songwriter Simon Casier (better known as the bass player of acclaimed rock band Balthazar) had in mind.

The subject of his love, Noémie Wolfs (ex-Hooverphonic), had been given a love song as a gift before. She was the inspiration for “You won my heart” on debut album The Afterglow (2016). But this time, the songs dig just a little deeper than I love you and You’re beautiful. Noémie herself shows up as a duet partner in “Perfect Guy,” where she brings his lyrics to life. “I’m here to tell you you’re perfect to me”, she whispers in his ear.

A record full of love songs is a delicate balancing act. It comes down to balancing cheesy sentiment with genuine beauty. “Maybe I even crossed that line a few times. Very cool and rock ‘n’ roll sounds, of course, but that’s never interested me anyway. I just want to make the music I want to make at the time that makes sense emotionally as well. I said on the record what I had to say, within the arc of tension that I had put first. Playing with Balthazar is great and I love nothing more than playing bass. But with Zimmerman, I can do my own thing. That variety keeps it refreshing”, Simon Casier confesses.

Released on Valentine’s Day this year, Love Songs is an extraordinary record with ten compact, accessible songs that remind of Burt Bacharach’s classic pop songs more than once due to the beautiful string arrangements. Timeless, yet modern. Light-hearted, but never non-committal. Unflattering and vulnerable, rock’n’roll, and deliciously romantic.