Ada / Paramida / Dilettante

Paramida (Love On The Rocks)

Paramida is a breath of fresh air on the Berlin scene. Her sound and style goes against the dark, mono-chromatic, machine made music of most of the city and instead heads in a more colourful and Balearic direction. She pushes a bright and emotional sound, and runs the Love on the Rocks label with a similar aim. She calls herself ‘Berlin’s most hated’ but surely isn’t, instead she’s picking up ever more fans because of her “discofied tropical leanings” and passion for unusual house music.

Ada (Pampa Records)

Ada’s journey begins with a coincidence. Band colleague visits singer to make music. Band colleague forgets groovebox at singer’s house. Band colleague doesn’t come round to pick it up for ages…

… Areal Records / Cocoon / Kompakt Records / Pampa Records …and so the journey continues. Ada is sitting on her train, looking out of the window, enveloped by the most beautiful melodies. The warm sound of the railway tracks knows only one direction.

Dilettante (Nein Records)


19 May 2018




20 RON / at the door

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