Amber Amber + Bitchcraft + Meelouna @ Saint Hollywood

Are you tired of boring ass parties? Do u miss hearing vocals in the club? Ever felt like you’re the one person NOT having fun?

We’re here for you.

Let us leave behind the blood, sweat and heartache and bask in the warm light of kindess, comraderie and mutual appreciation!

Saint Hollywood started in January 2017 as a freeform house night and an outlet for sharing freaky dance music between two besties, Amber Amber and Eugen, aka Gems. Despite popular belief, it was Gems who came up with the name. He initially wanted to start a disco collective under that name, so when the oportunity of a Tuesday residency came along, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Amber and Gems did five brilliant parties together before Eugen decided to pursue other things, right before their next party. But the stars were on their side, as pixie Dokia was in town and joined the line up last minute with Amber and Ioan for Dia de todos los santos exactly a year ago.

This is how Saint Hollywood as we know it was born, the one with all the glitter and the vogueing and the monthly guests.

This modest locals’ night grew and grew, becoming the House of Hollywood, an informal rave family, with Amber as Mother. It also diverged into two shades of a party, celebrating the house, soulful side with Amber and the bassy, deconstructed, dark and techno sounds with Opal.

Over the past 12 months there have been many memorable moments and incredible guests, from vinyl disco queen White Lie to breakbeat wiz Aquarian to In Training’s Mx Silkman making her European debut.

We are here tonight to celebrate our anniversary together with fellow House of Hollywood resident Bitchcraft, while also taking the opportunity to welcome the up-and-coming, very talented Meelouna to our family.

Come celebrate with us!


30 - 31 Oct 2018



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