Balkan Taksim

Balkan Taksim are a band known for raising a groovy-balkan storm with their intoxicating blend of sharp contemporary electronic music with balkan psych sounds & vocals!

No banging overrated techno spiced up with darbuka samples here… no standard IDM music with balkan clichés: Balkan Taksim’s music is sincere and deep. It’s not a collage, not an appropriation, not even a “fusion”. It originates from encounters on equal terms between different Balkan cultures, traditional Balkan instruments, Carpathian ancient rhythms, timeless voices, psychedelic modes, contemporary musical technologies, futurist visions… and Romanian people.

’Zalina’, say Balkan Taksim, “is about a strong-minded, beautiful girl and a man who is desperately in love with her. Musically, the song epitomizes some of the directions we’re pursuing, with its Romanian traditional vocals & keyboard stylings and laid-back yet dancefloor-oriented trip-hop electronics”.

On ’Zalina’ the band is mixing the heat of popular music with the confident convulsions of trip-hop/ electronica sounds!

Imagine Massive Attack playing with the Taraf de Haïdouks! Tricky enjoying a stay in the Balkans!


05 Apr 2019




25 RON

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