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Barnt (Magazine – Cologne)
“I was into music super early,” says Ansorge, explaining that when his classmates were more into rock and grunge, he was already sneaking into clubs. “There was one techno club, it was really new back then. I was quite nerdy, I was always standing by the DJ booth asking people like Sven Väth what he was playing. I was a classic deck shark guy.” As it turns out, this sentiment hasn’t really dissipated over time; to this day, Barnt sees no division between the dancefloor and the home environment, admitting, unlike many, that he happily listens to club music at home. With that, maybe, we have something of an explanation as to why his tracks are slow burners that invite listeners to get lost in their wide-open synth patterns and slithering grooves.

Motiv (Dinsubsol Romanesc)




Before 00:00 < 10 RON After 00:00 > 20 RON

Sala Berlin


10 - 11 Mar 2018


23:00 - 07:00

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