Les Yeux Orange Control Club

Cabinet presents Les Yeux Orange

Based in Paris [2013], Les Yeux Orange is a French music duo consisting of DJs, producers, curators and promoters that have been deconstructing time and space through their hypnotising electronic sets.

Long time collectors and DJs (piling up more than 10,000 records) they started off w/ uploads of all sorts of electronic sounds and series of impressive mixes on their inexhaustible YouTube channel and produced various podcasts w/ notable international DJs. They have been throwing some of the best intimate parties in Paris at La Rotond and slowly but surely they gave the club the reputation of an inavoidable pillar of the local scene.

In 2015, they launched a monthly radio show hosting exclusive unreleased tracks becoming recognized as one of the best curated SoundCloud platforms.

Going viral in 2016, #LesYeuxOrange launched their own label and are now invited to play all over Europe. Released last July on GoodPlus imprint, their first record was the bestseller of the year in the disco-funk-edits category and the two follow-ups were sold-out at the speed of the light as well.


10 Feb 2023