Camera Sambo /w. Sharif Laffrey, Bogman & Dilettante

Speed dating session, happy ending included.
No safeword, all freaks welcome ~



Sharif Laffrey has been playing records and making music for 20 Long Hard years. Born in Detroit, Michigan – he’s worked on the line checking camshafts for Chryslers & at Submerge for Mike Banks, at the same time. Toured asia with Juan Atkins and once had to chase a grown man through the streets at night after the man crawled into his living room through an open window. An active member in Detroit’s early rave scene he lives in daily fear that one day someone will develop the 8mm film that was taken during some of those nights and put it on youtube. Sharif remembers booking all foreign gigs with a Fax Machine – and would still do it that way, but nobody else has them anymore. He drove a black Trans-Am from 1990 to 1995ish. Acid, tons of random stuff, tough, sexy lovely, slow. Freak mode. Spanish doppelgänger Hugo Capablanca released Sharif Laffrey’s ‘TURN IT UP’ ep on his Discos Capablanca label to massive praise, he is dealing with The Fame. More to come. Slowly.

Also in the kissin booth: Bogman & Dilettante

^^^acid???^^^ <333


Feb 24 2018 - Feb 25 2018

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