Cocodubs: Jo.E, Becks & Zada | front Control

Introducing Cocodubs: afrocentric version excursion built with organic grooves. Ease into it with lush downtempo and world music, right before full bloom: polyrhythmic afro treats, face-melting modern disco and a three-eyed take on house that’s always got soul at the forefront. Between dubby delights and sneaky jazzy cuts, you’ve got a positive, welcoming dancefloor that’s filled with joy & ready to lift you right up. Come, join 🌴

Jo.E [Groove On] •

Starting out as a radio producer in 1999, Jo.E worked with radios and A/V studios before finally founding his own station, Groove On, in 2009. Coming up with fresh shows each week kept him on his toes while he settled his djing style on afrobeat, latin, world music, funk and downtempo. He’s got an outernational approach to music, full of lively instrumental side quests.

Becks [AWD House] •

Becks began in 2002, always conscious of the message his music spreads; he let the decade he spent in New York shape his eclectic approach to house – deep, brimming with afro, jazz and funk, with the occasional progressive, breaks or Detroit techno thrown in for good measure. As a member of AWD House, he’s devoted to providing surprising grooves, having his sets swing effortlessly between meditative moods and pure joy.

Zada •

Zada’s been playing since 2009; she uses her background in ska, swing, reggae & dub to bring a dreamy approach to house and a love for all things instrumental. She plays deep, tropical sets that feature afro, house, plenty of disco plus various jazzy & dubby delights.

50% bar discount after 10 pm.


09 - 10 Apr 2019


22:00 - 05:00


Control Club
Control Club Bucharest Romania 010141
Control Club


Control Club

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