Collektor (FR)

Collektor is the brainchild of long time friends, saxophonist Warren Walker (The Kandinsky Effect) and guitarist Alex Stuart (Alex Stuart Quintet).
The group mixes electronic music, African grooves, improvised music and rock. Their unique sonic identity comes from long time friendships and diverse musical influences.

Warren Walker – Sax/Synth/Effects
Alex Stuart – Guitar/Effects
Gael Petrina – Basse/Effects
Antonin Violot – Drums

“un son de groupe, compact, viril et homogène” (Jazz Magazine) 

“ without a doubt one of the most individual-sounding, refreshing and outrageous forces currently operating in the more exciting fringes of the musical spectrum.” – Igloo Magazine 

“Son styles original, aussi fluide qu’inventif fait merveille” – Michel Contat – Télérama 

“not the best jazz album of the year, nor the best rock album of the year. Whatever it is, it’s still one of the best albums of the year.” – John Garratt, PopMatters 

“absolument superbe” – Alex Dutilh 

“…five solid years of recording and touring have fine-tuned their approach, stretching out beyond the confines of jazz into many directions, with electronics, funk grooves, bop, touches of punk, progressive rock, ambient and much more….not content to just re-tread what’s been done before them, but determined to break new ground at every turn, all the while keeping their sound completely listenable and satisfying.” – Exposé “Une maitrise instrumentale foisonnantes” 

“un opus riche et décapant” – Guitarist Magazine 

“mind-twisting.” – Nocturnal Ghost, Igloo Magazine 

“A coup sur un des meilleurs album jazz de l’année” – Nouvelle Vague Magazine


Oct 09 2018


21:00 - 23:00


10 RON / at the door

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