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Rich Djs Of Bucharest prezinta in Control Club o adevarata forta a naturii, Dj Sling .

Rich Djs Of Bucharest prezinta in Control Club o adevarata forta a naturii, Dj Sling .

DJ, producer, club promoter and founder of Born Free records.

Daniel Isling has played and helped throw parties around Stockholm since 2001, but he’s only put out a few of his own tracks and remixes—more often he’s been involved in collaborative productions, with either Samo DJ (as Sling & Samo and Hound Love) or towLie (as Empfänger). The Secret, besides being his debut solo 12-inch, counts as the 30th release on Born Free, the label he operates alongside Samo and DJ City.

Eirwud Mudwasser
DJ, producer

The alias of young Romanian producer Vlad Matei speaks of a spiritual bond with nature and of a longing toward a purity of form in the eclectic tastes that make up his sound.

In his productions as well as DJ sets, the heady brew that defines his sound is a mix of new beat, dub, tribal house, Berlin School electronics, classic afro-cosmic spins and the leftfield take on ‘balearic’ that has gained ground in recent years.

Warm yet vicious, the balance between the metallic and the organic is like a vibrating core throughout the tracks on his debut 12″ for Balearic Social.

As he is not one for short cuts, these are the fruits of careful arrangements on classic synth gear.

Much of his style can also be traced to his fascination with the aesthetics of Japanese martial arts movies, which lends substance to his disciplined approach: sometimes bordering on the minimalistic but always with a window open towards the wilderness.

words by
Simon Eliasson.

Living legend Dj


27 - 28 Apr 2018


22:00 - 06:00

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