Erotic Design Fair

 “It seems to me we’ve met before – perhaps in your dreams.” Dorothy Lamour to Bob Hope in “Road to Utopia” (1945)

 At it’s second edition, Erotic Design Fair is a 3 day festival of lust, gathering contemporary designers & artists expressing their deeper meaning of seductiveness. In addition to this year’s edition, we have included also a wide selection of workshops oriented on deep probing of human sexuality spread over the 3 days. The happening is completed by various bootylicious activities and experiences, sensual exhibitions and steamy art installations.

The fair is arranged in Berlin Room from Control Club, scheduled every day from Friday to Sunday hours 13:00 – 21:30.

In alphabetical order: Anca Irina Lefter; Bio Candle; Circusphere; Jewelry by Ada Cioba; Pavelcraft; Raluca Irena; Taisia Neune; UKISCREATOR.

Photography gallery by Bogdan Petrice in Front Control
“Need air” / “Nevoie de aer” by Aliane in Berlin Room
“Feminine Cycle” exhibition by Anca Irina Lefter in Front Control

FRIDAY: Borusiade + Leasv + Marius Georgescu + Minulescu
MC for the night Paula Dunker

SATURDAY: Kris Baha live + Chlorys & Admina + Shameless Promoter + Eddie Lanzat & Nek



07 - 10 Feb 2020

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