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Glittoris + Utopus @ The Excess Show

Dear ladies, lads, gents and queers all over the city (and www)
Its time for you to Excess yourself!

The Excess show is a exploration of music, talents and wicked rhythms.
Be shameless, because we are dedicated to acquiring and exposing obscure sights and sounds from experimental to traditional urban and rural frontiers,

You: get ready for exposure to a high dose of camp, glamour, royalty, sex, sass, class and contagious good music and low morals.
Her highness Glitorris will bring the new sounds straight to your heart.
The king Utopus will deal with techno heresies, not-minimal and fragmented melancholy.

Maria Mora & Renate Dinu will be our hosts for an amazing lascivious night.


Jan 16 2019



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