Groove si Portocale

Groove și Portocale 3YRS w. Lauren Lo Sung, Kosta & Robert Arcaz

It’s been three years since we started this adventure that took the name of Groove & Portocale with dear friends and sunshine on our faces. And now another year full of touching stories has passed and we’re happy to be back in Control Club for another anniversary, so drop by and let’s celebrate together 🎉

[Berlin Room]
Lauren Lo Sung [uk]

Kosta – AWDD

Robert Arcaz

We’ll be starting early this time with a B2B session in Front Control with the DJs from Groove si Portocale. The usual suspects: Tode, Marinov, sebastian steer & Alex Irimia. Then we move into Berlin Room and dance until the sunrise.


15 Nov 2019


23:00 - 23:50

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Sala Berlin
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