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BBOY Aesthetics with a club lean

Jules is a world renowned record producer and DJ with over 10 years club experience. His early foundations rooted in Hip Hop and Bboy culture make him an unstoppable Turntablist force, this combined with his modern lean towards dance and club culture polish of the complete and unique package. He has stuck to his true form, releasing underground tracks for the most established and respected underground labels in the House, Disco, Boogie and Hip Hop fields, he refuses to compromise, always concentrating on forward thinking and groundbreaking music rooted in the fusion of ‘now’. He is at home rocking a crowd to dance classics, playing beats and treats for the train spotting heads and guiding the late night warehouse party train on the express to the early AM.

In 2016 he released his debut full length album “Unity 4 Utopia” on the legendary BBE Records, the label responsible for spear heading the careers of J Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock and many others through the famed BEAT GENERATION series.

2018 sees the release of a new EP featuring Dwight Trible from Build an Ark on NSYDE Records, The Edible Pyramids ep on Saft Pulp featuring a remix from the illustrious Eddie C. An unconventional super group project featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow and finally the launch of his group PLANETSELF with Misumami, who recently featured on Lance Ferguson of THE BAMBOOS new Warner Music release and has collaborated with Ninja Tune, Nyak, Red Rackem and First Touch. JULES has found him self in so many different genres that he now plays under a myriad of different aliases.

He endeavors to stay true to the foundations of music whilst often
involving strong political and social justice issues as a reoccurring theme in his music. “BBOY Aesthetics with a club lean”.

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