JG Wilkes @ Disco Sigaretta

This is not a drill, the rumours are real. One half of Glasgow’s fave duo Optimo Espacio, JG Wilkes takes over Control. Optimo means a legendary match between JD Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, whose infamous parties around the world mixed up techno, electro, rock and other assorted records out of leftfield.

Both had started out playing different music – Twitch – electro, noisy rock and the eighties New York punk funk of Liquid Liquid (from who they borrowed their name) and Wilkes reggae, funk and jazz. Then techno came along and Twitch co founded Scotland’s first techno club, Pure, which ran for ten years, became legendary, was the first club in Europe to book Jeff Mills, Green Velvet and Richie Hawtin.

In 1997 they founded the clubnight Optimo as a reaction to 4/4 techno all night long. Anything goes was the philosophy and the club night proved to be a hit. “I didn’t care whether it would work or not, or whether anyone would go, it was just something I had to do,” says Twitch. “I love DJing with all my heart but at this point I was so bored with seamless mixing – it was all just too obvious, too predictable and too easy – that I had to do something to preserve my (in)sanity.”



Local support: Disco Sigaretta


Nov 24 2018



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