King Ayisoba

King Ayisoba (Ghana)

Before Outernational Days 3 we invite everyone for a special preview night, another joint of Control x Outernational, with the Ghanaian rebel King Ayisoba and his band.

From the Upper East Region of Ghana, comes the rebel sound of a man ruling the roost with song, dance and regal Kologo power.

Born in 1974, near Bolgatanga northeast Ghana, King Ayisoba plays Kologo (small guitar with two strings attached to a calabash) from a young age. He took care of livestock and carries his instrument in the bush and villages where he discovered traditional harmonic, ceremonies and ancestral rites.

The world of King Ayisoba is unique and complex. The rhythms and frenzied dancing mingle with its distinctive voice, alternately smooth and suave turn, then rocky and tribal. Their concerts are unique experiences where musical codes are shattered in a raw energy delivered bluntly. King Ayisoba offers a world where the spirit world merges with the painful origins of Kologo music, concrete and urban Hip Life, and the cries of a rebellious youth who is still seeking his identity. Trance between the mystical forest and concrete cracked Accra.

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Sep 06 2018


21:00 - 23:00


30 RON

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Control Club

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