Kosmic Blues & UFe

It’s been a while. But this is how desires and wishes are born. We are coming back to Control Club for a kosmic live show together with our friends Mandela Gajol and Paolo Profeti. After, there will be a party with our Captain Poweer UFe.

Come, come, come.

Kosmic Blues, as the name suggests, is a wonderful blend of blues, funk and electronic beats, with a dash of folk, jazz and old school rock. The result is a fresh timbre and a soothing sound that shelters the listener in an atmosphere of peace and “joie-de-vivre”.

Think of Morcheeba meets Jefferson Airplane, but with more than a modern twist.

The band is formed by three people: Cosmina with her angelic voice, Acoustic Paul and his amazing guitar, and Robert a.k.a. UFe providing soulful beats with his MPC and gentle scratches on the turntables. Although they come from different backgrounds, they share a common love for music and strongly believe that more than any artistic expression, music has the power to melt barriers and bring all people together, no matter the race, age, cultural upbringing, religious beliefs etc. Like one of their songs states, it’s all about “love, peace and understanding!”

Special guests: Mandela Gajol (flute), Paolo Profeti (saxophone)

Listen here Kosmic Blues’ first album:





Mar 13 2019




20 RON

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