Lovefingers (ESP Institute) / Disco Sigaretta

Lovefingers (ESP Institute)
DJ, producer, promoter, label and A&R manager — Andrew “Lovefingers” Hogge has worn practically every hat there is to wear in the underground dance music industry over the past two decades.

If one thing has driven Lovefingers’ myriad endeavors since the beginning, it’s the love of sharing music — pure and simple. An unwavering passion for crate digging and a penchant for the esoteric, have seen him emerge as a revered selector and tastemaker among discerning international listeners. Andrew brings the same deft curatorial hand to DJing as he does to his esteemed ESP Institute imprint, a global touchstone for genre-bending experimental dance fare. He’s also a really fucking good time!


Disco Sigaretta
Disco Sigaretta is Sick Carantino & Rocky Siffredro and they are playing around Bucharest and other major cities in Romania for 9 years and still going on. The selection of tracks is full of joy and gives you the rhythm that reaches deep down into your soul, mind and shoes. The love for Disco and related genres, brought them a residentship 7 years ago at one of the major clubs in Bucharest, Control Club. Here they shared the booth with djs like: Cristian Pannenborg, Marcello Giordani, Soft Rocks, Discodromo, Horse Meat Disco, Franz UnderWear, Manuel Kim, Montezumas Rache, Sergio Rizzolo. You gonna feel their interest on the rough part of the late disco, ‘83 italo disco, early house and Eclectic Electronic. Lots of cosmic influence and African drums also. We Can say that Disco Sigaretta has the monopoly on that dance scene part.


28 - 29 Sep 2018




20 RON / at the door

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