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Maschine pres. Northern Electronics 6 years

Varg live!

Anthony Linell

Alongside fellow Swedish producer and DJ Abdulla Rashim, Varg runs the dark techno label Northern Electronics. Based in Stockholm, Northern Electronics taps into the colder, more menacing elements of contemporary European techno music, often working in tandem with Copenhagen-based label Posh Isolation and co-creating Body Sculptures, a Scandinavian noise supergroup made up of Varg, Posh Isolation’s Loke Rahbek, Swedish composer Erik Enocksson, industrial artists Puce Mary and Ossian Ohlsson of Vit Fan. Since launching in 2013 with Varg’s acid-tinged album Misantropen, Northern Electronics has become a guiding force – often drawing the listener in under the guise of techno, and then challenging them with a heady and melancholic mix of industrial, noise, ambience and sound design. – via Red Bull Music Academy


Jan 12 2019



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