Symbolism can be tricky in experimental electronic music. A colorful enigma that didn’t ask to be solved goes beyond simple, single-serving concepts. patten’s holistic approach involves music, visuals, live performance, physical objects, DJ’ing & more in an effort to “invite a way of looking at things differently.”

patten declares himself fascinated of symbolism and imagery, as represented by his creative networks 555-5555 and Kaleidoscope record label, or the curated feed of videos and images shared on their social media networks.The project grew more dense and inscrutable once patten signed to Warp (home to other electronic innovators like Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada).

After releasing three albums and five Eps over the course of eleven years, one thing led to another , and then to Ψ, who was born out of live performance. With many of its tracks road-tested at gigs and club nights around the world, Ψ was crafted as an album that makes as much sense on a club sound system as it does on laptop speakers or in headphones.



08 Dec 2018



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