Rokolectiv x Shape

Rokolectiv x SHAPE x Control

Rokolectiv presents a special SHAPE platform night, in the larger frame of the project “Un(immersed)”, happening in Bucharest in September and October.

1. Crystallmess

Hailing from Paris banlieues, Crystallmess is a DJ, producer but also a writer and mixed media artist keen on shedding light on past and present subcultures. Growing up in a French Caribbean and African household, but still sneaking out, letting her hair down and being a club kid has directly informed her approach as a DJ and producer, moving from abrasive zouk and dancehall to afro-trance and Detroit techno.

2. parrish smith

“No elitism, no prejudices, no genre, hypnotic, tense, comprehensible, a state of mind”

Parrish Smith crafts a sound that’s both familiar and deeply inexplicable. Hovering between body music, electronica and deep-burning industrial yet rejecting the conventions of all three, his output is as elusive as it is absorbing. You already saw him playing live as half of Volition Immanent, during the last edition of Rokolectiv Festival. This time he’s bringing to Bucharest one of his complex and unpredictable DJ sets.

3. Sentimental Rave

Sentimental Rave is a rough diamond. Her music oscillates between the violence of kicks and her sensitivity. We find in her tracks the lonely and nocturnal wanderings of modern youth. DJ, producer, and self-taught photographer based in Saint Denis, she draws inspiration from rave, gabber, experimental music, and techno. It is a reflection of these thousands of night owls found in the warehouses of European suburbs and the glory days of the first raves.

4. Hectic

Fierce drums, industrial elements, fast breakbeat rhythms, abrupt cuts. Add in some high energy curveballs along the way and it gets, well … hectic. When he doesn’t build self-driving cars at his day job, Hectic plays hard and not very often.


This event takes place in the larger frame of the project “Un(immersed)” with events planned throughout September and October, in Bucharest.

Co-financed by AFCN – Administrația Fondului Cultural Național
[The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not to be held responsible for the content of the project, nor for the ways in which the results of the project might be used. Those are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the grant.]

Supported by SHAPE platform, through the “Creative Europe” program of the European Union

In partnership with: Jägermeister



14 Sep 2019



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