Saint Holywood Birthday Bash: Amber Amber & Alexander Dahlmann

Are u tired of boring ass parties?
Do u miss hearing vocals in the club?
Ever felt like u’re the one person not having fun?
We’re here for you.

The best way to spend your birthday is doing what you love, surrounded by friends. Amber, our reigning Aquarius, is celebrating hers and it’s gonna be a big one. Besides cake and confetti, we have a very special guest for the occasion, coming straight from Berlin.

Alexander Dahlmann is the kind of digger you only read about, driven by a deep love of music, with unquenchable curiosity. His record room spans many styles and decades, from melodic jazz house to African oddities and obscure Italo disco. He also has his first release of weirdo broken beats as Pretty Sneaky distributed by Hard Wax and does artist care at Salon zur Wilden Renate. We met Alex after an intense night of dancing at Palomabar and instantly fell in love with his extensive record collection and sunny attitude. Take a glance on his moods:

Let’s have a celebration!


30 - 31 Jan 2018


23:00 - 05:00

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