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Sascha Funke

Berlin-based DJ and producer, Sascha Funke has been featured with Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control and Kompakt labels, where he released the acclaimed Mango in 2008. Oscillating between house, ambient and electronica, Sascha Funke was able to infuse the organic warmth of voices to the coldness of electronic production like no other. His universe thus oscillates between the polarity of an emotional overload and the concrete justification of the music which calls instant pleasure. Because all its purpose is there: to make live each listener an exceptional moment marked in a given time, the present moment, the moment shared. Master of the Minimal Techno, Sascha Funke will, without a doubt, lavish with finesse a voluptuous decadence in which everyone will be taken for his greatest pleasure.


Feb 15 2019



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