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Satellites (RO)

Cluj-Napoca based duo Cosmin Hosz and Catalin “Chap” Salagean are the conductors behind the Pop-Craze sounds that make Satellites a unique combination of harmonic melodies and synth-infused choruses with vibrant and easy to catch song-lines about hasbeens, love, life and other perks that make us

The band started in 2013 with a spectacular surprise first show and easily made their way into clubs and festival both national and international promoting their first EP “bastion” – a raw and upbeat release that made it’s way into various magazines and even on soundtracks. Within the next year, the band released the highly popular single “Tonight we are Young” found on the second released EP “INHALE” opening some doors to major
festival opportunities such as Electric Castle, Sziget Festival, UNTOLD, Waves.

This would come with a major change in sound as the band adopts more Synth and electronic influences into their songs leading to a second major single “Make a Move” – a drum and bass powered track that keeps the melodic core of the band layered on top – which had a big impact on international audiences paving the way to international radio stations in UK,
Germany, USA and as official theme song for major festival Electric Castle.

At it’s core musical approach Satellites have always kept open doors and consider no sonic boundaries always experimenting, introducing new sounds and new musical guests into their sound – this took shape in the single “Golden” recorded featuring a choir of 230 children both audio and in the form of an official music video climbing it’s way to radios in UK,
Germany and around the country as the sound of Satellites keeps on growing and expanding.


19 Nov 2019


21:00 - 23:00

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