The Excess Show

The Excess Show pres. RekAbu & Sillyconductor

Nothing succeeds like this XX-X’s
Sillyconductor & Rekabu

Sillyconductor is one of the pseudonyms of Cătălin Matei, a sound artist from Bucharest. Initially, his main concern was classical music and its relation to mathematics: projects such as “Footballers’ Waltz” (symphonic micro collages composed with the help of an Akai MPC), “100 Catronomes” (a golden reinterpretation with 100 cats Maneki Neko a Poème Symphonique composite by Ligeti) or “Pianosaurus” (a post-modern mechanical piano) explores the intersections between technology, classical music, and humor.

und RekAbu with his very sexy excesstronic, highly inspirational rhythms. Paul Breazu is a Romanian journalist, with an experience of over a decade in the area of lifestyle magazines. In parallel, he collaborated with cultural magazines such as REPUBLIK, Sunete and Dilema Veche, writing articles on music and pop culture.

Together in electric dreams, also featuring our divas extravaganzza Paula Dunker, and Maria Mora who will entertain the crowd while bringing sex appeal to the dance floor🌹

Get sassy, be our muse! Let there be decadence.

Building emotions, opening minds 🌺
Unholy sexiness, excessive, lascivious debauchery, dancing the night away


12 - 13 Dec 2019




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