The Excess Show

The Excess Show

The Excess Show pres. Buniku’ & Corvin w. Paula Dunker & more

disco deep & tribal music & roasted electronic vibes and afro jazz latin
and much more
Buniku is a character strongly rooted in the electronic music community. Started in the early 2000’s alongside the big names of today’s industry, he developed himself as a dj/ producer, spirit of the party, and one of the best festival sound engineers.
CORVIN is best known for revolutionizing interior design in Romania. In his music mixes you’ll find unexpected occurrences from funny childhood memories, jazzy and funky vibes to the latest deep findings resulting in a uniquely eclectic blend.

our hosts will be divas extravaganzza Paula Dunker, Vergine Santa Frida, Alexandra Gold and Maria Mora
who will take care of your moves, vibes, sex appeal and dirty thoughts.
Get ready for exposure to a high dose of glamour, sass, class and contagious good music.
Come, enjoy, immerse and share!


Oct 17 2019




Free Entrance

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