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The Danish band WhoMadeWho was formed in Copenhagen in 2007 by the Danish producer Tomas Barfod, the jazz guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg and David Bowie loving bassplayer Tomas Høffding. After just a few demos and one show, WhoMadeWho found themselves signed to the German based label Gomma on which they released their debut album, simply entitled Who Made Who, in 2005. The release was supported by numerous 12”, featuring remixes by some of the strongest names across the electronic scene at that time. Since the release of their first album, the band has gone on to release albums with Kompakt (“Knee Deep” in 2011 and “Brighter” in 2012) and Get Physical (Berlin). They have also performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world and toured with acts such as Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem and Erol Alkan.

After touring around the world several times the band is currently working on their next album (1Q 2017) and have recently released their latest single “Hi-Low” (April 2016), the exclusive single off their mix compilation on Get Physical’s “Body Language” Series.

In addition to live performances the band has toured globally as DJ’s everywhere from Ibiza to Los Angeles, and have now launched their monthly radio show WhoMadeWho WorldWide. This show is a tribute to what the trio is doing when they are not performing live. These are the records they love, with a touch of what you will receive when you see them in action behind the decks.



Oct 06 - 07 2017


22:00 - 01:00


Control Club
Control Club Bucharest Romania 010141

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