Interviews: Timo Maas

by | Nov 18, 2023 | Blog, Interviews

What has been your relationship like playing in Romania? Outside of nightlife, what are some things you like about this country (or city of Bucharest)?

I’ve been coming to Romania since 2001 or so… I had awesome parties and events over the years, and learned quickly that the people love electronic music in all its facets. I was and am always very welcome here, and I like the general vibe. 

You will be playing all night as part of our Storyteller concept. How is an all-night set different in preparing than a one or two hours slot? What do you see as the most important aspect to an all-night set?

In a long set, after 2-3 hours you are leaving the routines. A long set it’s a challenge to myself too, and a huge playground to go deeper into certain “chapters” of my set.

I never really prepare a set, I prepare my music beforehand very well, I know which “weapons” I’ve got with me…all is spontaneous.

The most important it’s the trip, the “story”, it’s not 6 hours of the same sound, it’s a journey.

Are the all-night sets something that you particularly enjoy doing? Why? 

Yes, I actually do. It’s the perfect playground for me as I like so many different micro styles of electronic music. 

I don`t do it every weekend, as it’s also hard work in being fully concentrated all night. It’s nearly a working day behind the decks, BUT when I occasionally do it, I really enjoy it! 

This is the real DJing in my opinion, nothing pre-selected, but all carefully prepared. 

How does building a set compare to building a track? 

It’s a different approach though, don`t you think? Making music is an experiment, when you do faults in making tracks, you just delete or correct. In the length of a set, you cannot go back, the concentration needs to be spot on all the time.

You’ve been DJing for some 40 years. Personally, I was introduced to you back in New York City’s Twilo days. In that time, what has been the most significant change in the electronic music scene (aside from social media and streaming)? 

Oooooohhhh, Twilo…until today it’s still the best underground club of all times, I was very happy and proud being a resident there for a while. 

Well, one main thing for sure is that I unfortunately see the art in the music floating away giving space for sheer social media triggering.

Of course, there are quality events and clubs everywhere, but commercially, the most successful things are based on follower numbers and averageness in all its facets, the art fades out somehow. 

Music has always been there and will also always be there in the future. The ways it’s done, consumed and spread have completely changed. Ongoing, every day discussions, as you can imagine.

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