Pacific Shore vor concerta în premieră în București vineri, 16 octombrie, în club Control. Pentru cei mai puțin familiarizați cu acest proiect muzical, iată un scurt Q & A.


As a short introduction, please tell us what Pacific Shore is looking for in the live performances.

Our live show infuses elements of live bass, synth, and voice with magic, energy, and electronic frequencies.

You mentioned as primary influences for Pacific Shore, funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz. Can you tell us about some records or artists / bands that influenced and guided you, musically, throughout years?

We have an eclectic blend of influences. Sarah is greatly inspired by Erykah Badu, Little Dragon, James Blake, SBTKT
Romain & Stan are strongly influenced by Roy Ayers, Herbie Hancock, JDilla, Flying Lotus & Thundercat

How did you meet Sarah Linhares?

Stan met Sarah while she was performing in Montreal years ago. Since then, we collaborated via the Internet. The first time we all met together, was on the island of Madeira in 2013. It was funny because we felt like we already knew each other very well. Now she’s an integral member of the band!


In your second music project you were talking about the poetic relationship between human beings and nature. Can you share with us any thoughts on that? What is the philosophy of this relationship?

In our modern age, human are more and more disconnected from nature and from ourselves, which is a great misfortune. Beyond The Mist examine a hero’s journey of rediscovery, from sunrise to sunset, from the mountains to the ocean, as she reconnects with mother earth and the source.

They say Pacific Shore was born after a Californian road trip. What is the story of that?

The genesis of Pacific Shore is our road trip under the great sun of California in 2011, which has led us, and continues to lead us towards incredible destinations. That journey inspired us to create it’s own sound track, which became Pacific Shore, our first record, and eventually became the name of our band. We built an interactive map, which you can listen to and follow the loop :

What are your intentions, as a group of musicians and artists?

Travel the world with our music and visuals, write great songs, and enjoy every moment of the journey.

What plans do you have, music wise, as Pacific Shore?

We will be writing new music together in Madeira, Portugal this winter, and we wish to continue performing throughout 2016.


What other projects are you involved in, besides Pacific Shore? What are you working on?

Sarah is writing and producing her second solo record over the winter. Stan will be working on photography projects and some graphic design. He just released a photo series that he shot in Madeira.  Romain continues to improve his cooking skills.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest. Any thoughts before the show at Control club?

Since we like to travel & eat good food, we can’t wait to see what life is like in Bucharest. We are very curious to see the Romanian crowd. Hope you’ll enjoy our show!

Rendez-vous vendredi !!

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