Ishome este o tânără artistă rusoaică, pe nume Mirabella Kyrianova. Prezentă sub diferite forme pe scena artistică rusească, a debutat pe scena electronică în 2010 cu o serie de EP-uri la un Indeks Music și Proton Music. După ce a câștigat un loc binemeritat în concursul ”10 top young producers” al web-zine-ului rusesc Look at me, Mirabella a început să aibă și apariții live.

A performat în cadrul festivalurilor Exit și Stereoleto, iar anul trecut a lansat primul ei album – ”Confession”, apărut la Fuselab. Materialul se bucură de o atenție spectaculoasă pe scena electronică internațională, reprezentând un melanj armonios între ambient / electronica / downtempo și house / techno.

Mirabella ne-a răspuns câtorva întrebări pe email, înaintea show-ului ei de vineri noapte, 31 octombrie, din Control club. Detalii despre eveniment puteți găsi aici.

Hello Mirabella! What you’ve been up to lately?

Hi! I’ve recently moved to Moscow, so getting around here. Also working on some new recordings for Ishome and my side project Shadowax, which is more techno centric.

Please tell me a few things about your debut album, Confession. How did you record it? How long it took you to record it? How was the recording process?

Some tracks were fairly simple, others took around a year to get to a release state, and I didn’t have any place I could call my studio back then, so recording happened in different places. It took a lot of work and even more emotional energy.


How is the Russian electronic music scene nowadays?

I think it’s getting much stronger in recent years. We had our first boiler room shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, which were great, I especially liked Nocow performance. Also pay attention to Koett, Nikita Zabelin (Rhizome), Agraba.

Do you have any mentors? Please name, if so.

Not really, i’m very reclusive in my music. I may ask a friend’s opinion about some technical topics, but not the music itself.

Do you also do DJ gigs? Do you have any favorite DJs that you’ve recently discovered?

I do, not as Ishome but as Shadowax, so it’s my techno side. Some that I’ve recently discovered, hmm, I’d name Eomac, Dadub, Lakker.

You are only 20 years old. How music gets along with school and other projects you’re involved in?

To tell the truth, i’m a bit older than that right now, though, can we not tell the trough and pretend i’m still 20? 🙂 As for other things, I don’t have anything besides the music this days.


How’s it going with your live journal?

Good, is it becoming international bestseller soon? 🙂

Yes, most likely! How do you see the nowadays world of electronic dance music? Where do you see yourself, as part of it?

I don’t really perceive it as a world of edm, there are just the music I like to listen to, and some that i’m doing myself.

You will play Bucharest on the Halloween night. What can the crowd expect from you?

Couple of new loops, some unreleased sketches, me playing naked, oh wait, what did she just said? 🙂


*author: Dragoș Rusu /

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